The Applied Materials Group committee have organized a series of webinars to be held this summer with a broad theme of “value from waste” in order to highlight technology areas to our Interest Group members that require applied materials chemistry knowledge. The series will take a closer look at specific challenges that are at the frontier of research in the areas of waste and recycling, with a view to inspiring our network members to move into some of these areas and contribute towards the research challenges that lie ahead for materials sustainability. The committee hope that our knowledge and experience in applied materials chemistry will inspire members to contribute towards solving the shortcomings in existing technologies.

This webinar focuses on value form waste in the construction industry. The webinar will focus on the decline (and continuation of decline) of coal power and the effect of this on recycled concrete production, and discussion into mining for coal ash deposits and the challenges associated with implementing this on a societal scale. Further, movements towards reducing the carbon footprint of concrete will be discussed. Crossover between these two themes will be covered in a panel discussion.

The webinar will be held on 23 October 2020, 1100-1400. A registration link is here.